Bellingham Brokers Give Back

The Bellingham office has been involved in the Salvation Army Angel Tree for the past several years with the Whatcom County Association of Realtors, but this year Bellingham really wanted to step up and take on the entire project. For the first three weeks of December, Bellingham brokers, staff, and their families donated time, energy, and money at the […]

Why are YOU going to GenBlue?

Join us at Gen-Blue!

Chris Falskow from our Coldwell Banker Bain Lake Union Office shares why he is going to GenBlue!   Having attended a couple of Coldwell Banker’s International Business Conferences (IBC) I was looking forward to going to GenBlue last year in Las Vegas. IBC was the old school way of doing real estate business – how […]

Escrow Professionals of Washington wants to help you look good!


2012 is upon us and with that everyone’s favorite time of the year will be quickly approaching . . .  tax preparation time! As one of the many services EPOW has to offer our clients, we are working on our end of the year Final HUD-1 Settlement Statements. Please be looking in your email for […]

Be The Expert: Coldwell Banker Seal Summer Tech Summit

CB Bain Education Summer Break

The Coldwell Banker Seal Summer Tech Summit is coming…. August 26, 2011! Jump start your fall with this AMAZING opportunity! Technology is moving at a rapid pace. Are you moving with it or are you still waiting for the bus? Your Career Development team is pleased to bring Matthew Ferrara back to Coldwell Banker Seal […]

Be the Expert: Service Stories

Customer Service

One of the things I’m most passionate about in business is Customer Service. I can easily recall the best and the worst of my experiences, from hotels that didn’t meet my expectations to my local dry cleaner who, when I’d forgotten my wallet at home said, “You can pay next time.” I’ve always been fond […]

Be The Expert: CB Bain and CB Seal Your Partners in Education


Continuing education is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself in any career. This is even more important in Real Estate. Things change rapidly in Real Estate, whether it is a law change at the government level, a regulation change based on a legal matter or a change in best […]

Be The Expert: Storytelling

For Sale

Homes are more than just wood and nails. They’re places where families grow, where memories are made, where milestones are celebrated. When a homeowner decides that it’s time to sell their property, they’re selling their memories and looking forward to creating new ones. What I am often struck by is that when a property is […]

Are You Hearing or Listening?

A mentor once told me that when meeting people, often we think we hear what others are saying when in reality we are playing both sides of the conversation, anticipating what is being said versus listening to what is actually being said. I’ve always been drawn to this theory. As someone who has worked in […]